Youth activities

Youth activities

Information soon to be available 

  • Hula Hoop Yoga
  • Youth Chess Club

For more information please contact by phone at (709) 726-4900, or by email at

How can I encourage my children to be active?

Update: June 2018

You are the main reason why your children learn about healthy active living. Participate in regular physical activity and eat a healthy diet as a family. It’s easier when these habits are part of the whole family’s routine. Choose activities that are appropriate for your children’s age and developmental stage. Give your children plenty of time to participate in structured activities such as organized sports and unstructured activities such as playing in the park. Plan fun activities. Teenagers aspire to autonomy and will want to do things on their own. Encourage them to go for a walk or bike ride with their friends. ( translate from french to english) 
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