Pochette ‘hiver au chaud’

Pochette ‘hiver au chaud’

Pochette ”hiver au chaud” – Distribution: Saturday November 28th

Are you a newcomer, senior, international student, or does your family just need a little help to prepare for the cold and winter season?
The ACFSJ has a winter kit to help you prepare for the Canadian winter season.

* You will find items such as: gloves, scarf, hat, hat, socks, hand warmers, and other items.

How does it work?

1) Go to this page and fill in the registration form. (Registration required before Thursday 26 November – information at culture@acfsj.ca- 709-726-4900)

2) We are preparing  your bag ‘hiver au chaud’

3) Pick up your pouch at the Centre des Grands-Vents or we can deliver it to your home.

fill in the form

To register fill in the form by clicking on this link : Registration form ‘L’hiver au chaud’ (Winter in the warmth) folder .

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This activity is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Social Development Partnerships Program – Children and Families components.

Winter clothing to face the Canadian cold with confidence

want to go to Canada in winter. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pack your suitcase, but above all to help you face the great Canadian cold with serenity.
Temperature side: between the temperature of the thermometer and your feelings.For newcomers, the first winter can be hard. Don’t worry though, if you are well-equipped, you will survive and with a smile (tense but smiling all the same)!
In Canada, there are actual temperatures and felt temperatures (colder due to wind). The latter should be your guide. In winter, it can sometimes be as low as -40 (felt), not to mention remote areas. In general, in cities like Montreal or Quebec City, the extremes only last a few days and it is between -15 and -25 the rest of the time.
Source:  read the rest of this article : Je pars au canada ( translate from french to english)
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